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7Lb Slidable Balls Pink Glans Male Sex Doll

Featuring slidable balls makes it a more realistic experience compared to a simple dildo The penis can be bent to any imaginable angle 6.5inch-long dildo With a flat base, the lifelike masturbator can be stably placed on the bed or table Made from fleshy material, soft to touch Suitable size and weight for easy storage

$102.89 20 reviews


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7.7lb Bubble Butt Torso Lifelike Masturbator Doll

Big bubble butt suit for multiple positions: missionary, doggy, and girls-riding, and more With anus, vagina, and big breasts for triple irresistible sex stimulations Built-in torso makes it easier for you to insert her attractive vagina Ultra-realistic details with thrilling textures channels for explosive play Smooth and supple TPE material gives you incredible realism

$109.99 19 reviews


4LB Scale-Down Realistic Butt

Scale-Down size and lighter weight is much portable 2 Suggested style: cowgirl style and doggy style for enhanced pleasure The fat butts shake when making love with her, making you want to grab it Pink pussy and ass with ultra-tight channels for unbelievable pleasure The soft and skin-friendly TPE material is worry-free

$55.99 15 reviews


Randy Jenny Life-Sized Realistic Butt Masturbator

2 in 1 vagina & anus give you double amazing stimulation 1:1 life-size round ass brings you the most authentic sex experience Super realistic labia details & skin texture can easily immerse yourself in the fantasy Different sex positions you can choose Skin-friendly and body-safe TPE material & 100% waterproof for use no worry

$159 21 reviews


12.7lb 3D Male Masturbator Doll with Torso

3 in 1 make love with anus, vagina, and breasts for multiple irresistible stimulations Built-in torso makes it easier for you to insert her attractive vagina The bigger size than usual gives you a more realistic feeling of sexual intercourse Ultra-realistic channels to squeeze and please you with every thrust Can be washed with mild soap and water

$145.99 14 reviews


8.8Lb Bendable Penis Male Torso Sex Doll

The penis is fully bendable to almost any angle imaginable He can be used by males as well, as he has a ribbed hole on the backside David is strong enough to be able to support himself but even better if you prop it up against the couch and give it a ride There is an exit hole to allow for easier cleaning The love doll doesn't complain or want more than you do He's simple to clean and store away or cuddle with

$114.31 20 reviews


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4.63lb Brown Doggie Realistic Masturbator

The healthy brown skin and good shape makes you miss the girl you met on the beach Ultra-real details with clear pores and folds, entice you to explore every inch of the juicy hole She's craving for doggy, missionary positions, and more, to reach the peak of pleasure together with you Easy cleaning with soapy water or good-quality cleaner Keep it away from direct sunlight, high temperature, heavy pressure, humidity, and pollution

$69.95 15 reviews



Sex Doll Male Masturbator with Vagina and Anal

3 in 1 male masturbator with vagina, anus, and breasts Built-in torso for changeable sexual positions Triple sensations with breast sex, vagina sex, and anus sex Extremely realistic details with pink nipples and juicy pussy for extra visual excitement Soft and supple TPE, for the most lifelike experience

$83.47 20 reviews


12Lb Lifelike Nipples Tanned Realistic Masturbator

Tanned, gym-sculptured body, mature labia, and tight anus You can fill both 2 starving holes with your throbbing manhood. The textured tunnels are begging for a good pounding and the closed-end design forms a strong suction You can slap Jasmine’s hot ass down somewhere and use no hands if you do the missionary or doggy-style positions With large breasts for you to do as you please, Jasmine will make you come time and time again!

$136.77 13 reviews


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Sexy Stripper Lifelike Butt Masturbation

The big bubble butts fit for multiple styles as doggy style, missionary style, and girl riding style Built-in torso is easy to handhold and changes the position Dual channels include a realistic wet vagina and super-tight anus, bring you thrilling textures for explosive play Soft vagina opening looks and feels super real Completely waterproof for use in the bath or shower

$210.99 14 reviews


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19LB Sensual Waitress Doggy Style Male Butt Masturbator

1:1 realistic bigger size sex doll Moded from a sexy woman's butt The 3D interior structure with large particles rubs against your cock The tight anus will wrap your cock firmly It is full of material between the anus and the vagina, and the perfect grip can maximize your pleasure!

$227 9 reviews


3D Doggy Style Pussy Ass Male Realistic Masturbator with Lifelike Labia

2 channels with vagina & ass to enjoy different unspeakable stimulation Sexy plump ass is waiting for you to conquer Sexy curve for easier holding Body-safe & squishy TPE material to use no worry 100% Waterproof for use in bath, shower, or anywhere you want

$74.95 15 reviews


Pussy Ass Male Masturbator with Stimulation Pearls for Intense Pleasure

Realistic, textured design: two rows of convex pearls, in the snug ribbed tunnel This vagina butt has two different holes and channels The internal structure is made in expertly strict accordance with the female tight vagina designed Compatible with water-based lubricants Non-toxic and odorless

$67.33 16 reviews


9Lb Lora Pink Nipples Sex Doll Torso

Lora has two separate craving holes for a distinct sensation Her vagina has a stretchy opening leading into her textured tunnel that clings to as you penetrate Her backdoor is covered with ribs and nubs for a super-tight squeeze Experience incredible breast sex with her curvaceous cleavage Easy to bounce in your lap Easy to rest on something stable The size is big enough to grab a handful for leverage

$178.51 10 reviews


55Lb Lifesize Ass Masturbator

An ultra-realistic ass masturbator on a 1:1 scale offering a huge visual impact Measuring 55.11lb weight, Sophie comes with a slim waist and large hips to cater to your ideal size Lifesize pussy is textured with ribs and nodules for thrilling pleasure Sophie is ready to give you a tight squeeze for endless orgasmic pleasure Delicate skin design for visual and tactile enjoyment

$977.51 9 reviews



13Lb Sara Lower Torso Sex Doll

The vaginal inner wall is textured with ridges Her asshole is studded with exciting nubs This flesh ass-with-thighs is satisfyingly weighty that won't slide around Made from soft premium TPR flesh that's almost as good as a real girl She never gets tired and will surround you in the holiest way

$248.41 1 reviews


Kneeling Maid Realistic Butt Masturbator

The round hips are soft and lifelike Kneeling position, suitable for doggy style Pink labia is waiting for massage Textured inner walls Slap the butt for realistic experience

$99.71 6 reviews


Ruby Spread Eagle Vagina Anus Realistic Male Masturbator

$257.02 4 reviews


24Lb Slutty Gladys Lower Torso Sex Doll

Two openings for different stimulations Ribbed dotted inner wall for an ultra-realistic experience 24lb weight won't slide around as you guide your thrust

$389.11 5 reviews



17.6Lb Butterfly Labia Brown Chubby Sex Doll

Feature a weight of 17.6lb with thick thighs, plump boobs, full hips, and luscious labia She is 22.4 inches around the chest, 17.7 inches around the waist, and 29.5 around the hips Unique chubby doll with proud flesh You have different positions like missionary or doggy style Kardashian is in a craving period and will offer powerful suction by gripping your big dick

$221.95 17 reviews